February 19, 2011
Kickstarter - TRADITION TOUR 2011

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January 21, 2011


Pregnant - Wiff of Father

When you get an email calling an artist a ‘hillbilly savant’, you click the link, m’kay? This is the work of one Daniel Trudeau, Northern Californian.  While I can’t verify what the hell that even means, one thing is true - this kid knows how to write a jam. Beautiful. 

Pick up his newest full length release Regional Music from Life’s Blood Records. You’re going to want this - 500 copies of “big bird marbled yellow” vinyl. Something tells me it’ll be a collectable. 

January 20, 2011

January 9, 2011
A letter to a potential future employer.

In response to an ad i found

I came across your ad on craigslist, and i think i’d like to be your weekend DJ. In fact, i might be just the man you need.

You see, I’ve spent most of my adult life involved, somehow, in music. I’m pretty sure everyone i know, back home in Sacramento and the foothills surrounding, is a musician. I’ve lived with musicians for years, hosted shows, DJ’d at coffee house dance parties and, of course, informally at gatherings and on jukeboxes. I tend to dominate the stereo wherever I go; it actually gets to be a problem if I’m at, say, a party full of strangers. For some reason unknown to me, that tends to be viewed as inappropriate. But: in a context like the one you’re offering, I think my passion and dedication to providing the perfect audio accompaniment to human  joy and congregation will be perfectly suited. 

I also have absolutely exquisite taste in music. Multifaceted, genre-independent, I can select the premier playlist for any crowd, any situation. Even when the tools at my disposal include little more than a stack of burned CDs from the 1990s. I can find hidden gems, believe you me. I can read a crowd well enough to determine if a B-Side or other deep album cut is the right thing to play, or if i should stick to standards.  

Did i mention my impeccable, omniversal taste in music? I can bring my own, tailored to your specific needs, OR I can produce a masterful bricolage of only the elements you have lying around. It’s really quite a talent.

I’m also very tall. If you find you’re having a little trouble with one of your patrons but don’t want to have to insult him or rough him up, call me in. The Intimidator. I can’t fight to save my life, but i tower over most offenders. I’m not sure who you cater to, who exactly your clientele tends to be, but i’m willing to bet that I’ve got at least three inches on most all of your regulars. 

Additional interests of mine include corndogs, drinking domestic beer from plastic cups, and losing quarters in the Skill Crane. Furthermore, I was on a bowling league when i was a small boy; though we were children, we never once stooped to using Bumpers. I’m a very serious man. 

I thank you in advance for your careful and measured consideration of Me as a candidate for your Dee Jay position. I trust you’ll make the right decision.


Cody S. Bishop”

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